All’s Well That Starts Well

A big fat hello to everyone reading this.

After pondering upon the idea of starting a blog for years to finally getting the right motivation from the right people, here I am with my first post. I’ve come a long way, indeed.

Before getting directly to the first look for the day (and the blog), let me first introduce my not-so-expressive self. I’m a 22-year-old Bengali living in Mumbai, attempting to make use of life to the fullest. I believe that your style is a key part of your identity and it plays a big role in defining who you are as a person. I am one of those who lights up almost immediately when I feel well-dressed. It just boosts your confidence and makes you feel so much better about yourself, doesn’t it?

Coming to the blog, if you’re wondering what is up behind the name, I have an answer. For some weird reason I wanted a part of me to reflect in this precious brainchild of mine–so voila. After a (not-so) tiny brainstorming session with my amazing flatmate/sister/mentor, ‘Roh-dentityseemed to be the perfect portmanteau my blog and I deserved.

Rohini + Identity = Rohdentity

Now, the look I decided to begin my journey with is the perfect mix of chic and casual with a tiny bit of feminine touch to it. I decided to pair a breezy, flowy white tank top with an embroidered neck, with a casual pair of short blue-washed denims.



To add up a little more detailing, I decided to throw on a cozy floral printed shrug I had picked up from Sarojini Nagar and also put on those aqua danglers to add a dash of colour to this slightly neutral look.



Lastly, metallic rose-gold chappals and my favourite Dior inspired reflectors added that extra subtle spark to this look to complete it.

And that’s how I created my go-to look to battle the crazy summer waves!

Evidently I’m new to the blogging world, so all your suggestions and comments are most welcome. Bring it on.

Until next time,


Outfit Details:

-Top, shorts, chappals and reflectors: Colaba Causeway

-Shrug: Sarojini Nagar

-Danglers: Lajpat Nagar


Photography: Shilaz Dutta

Location: Goa


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