6 Different Ways To Style Your Black Dress

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So, everyone gets talking about the importance of having a black dress in one’s closet, but did you ever stop and wonder just how versatile and valuable it actually is?

Dress it up or dress it down, your LBD is the ultimate foundation piece you just can’t do without. So, using what you may already have in your wardrobe, here’s a chance to let your inner alter-egos come out with these 6 sneaky little ways, making your dress look new every time you wear it.

One black canvas and you’re set for the day.


Not convinced yet? Let’s get you thinking.


  • Layer ’em up

To break down the monotony of the black dress, I decided to layer it up generously with this military green shirt dress of mine. Wearing the dress unbuttoned as a long jacket, did end up giving a depth and interest to this look. Be it any coloured jacket/shrug/vest/cardigan, layering up your little black dress is always a good idea.





  • Work-Look Reworked

Next up, I tried to channel my inner corporate spirit and went ahead with this well-fitted black blazer over the dress, with a pair of clear aviator glasses. A great substitute for the usual shirts and trousers, isn’t it? It instantly transformed my party dress into a formal piece and I’m really happy about how this look turned out eventually.

The addition of a slim belt can also benefit your black dress by breaking it up and highlighting your waist, making you look slightly more toned and slim.





  • Tie the Knot

For this one, I tried to hop a little on the playful side by embracing the knotted t-shirt trend. I chose this bubblegum pink motif tee-shirt and tied a knot on one side, giving the whole look a careless spin.

You could also try this with a boxy tee-shirt if not a fitted one. It will instantly turn into a figure-flattering crop top but it’s great when the shirt doesn’t have much detailing to it.





  • Skirt-tastic

For this one, I went ahead and experimented slightly more. I decided to double up my black skater dress as a skater skirt and paired it with an oxblood high neck top.

Wearing a pair of shorts underneath and tucking the top portion of your LBD in, will do the job.




  • Back-to-School Grunge

This, without a doubt, is by far my favourite look. For this one, I mashed up grunge with retro and school girl with punk, to create a back to school style. Knee-high socks, an oversized denim shirt, white shoes and I was good to go.

You definitely don’t have to be a schoolgirl to rock knee-high socks.





  • Jazz on Top

Instead of being stressed out about all the events that require new outfits, here’s one last way you could revamp your LBD for the party season. You could always wear your dress as a separate top-wear with either skirts or pants.

I picked up this blingy sequinned mini to complement the neutral black dress and the two did turn out to be quite great companions together.

Do make sure no part of the dress peeps out from below though (because mine clearly did).







Coming up with simpler looks did become a task due to the embellished neckline of the dress, but I’m quite up for challenges when it comes to styling.

Do comment below and tell me which one’s your favourite pick. I’d love to hear from y’all.

Hope y’all enjoyed!

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Outfit Details:

Black Dress: B.K Market (Kolkata)

Look 1:

Green shirt dress/Jacket: H&M

Nude block heels: Metro Plaza (Kolkata)

Look 2:

Black blazer: Stitched

Brown bow belt: Myntra

Look 3:

Pink text top [tie-up]: H&M

Silver reflectors: Colaba Causeway (Mumbai)

Look 4:

Oxblood high neck top: H&M

Brown shoes: Colaba Causeway (Mumbai)

Look 5:

Denim shirt: Simpark Mall (Kolkata)

Knee-high socks: Primark

White shoes: Hill Road (Mumbai)

Look 6:

Sequinned skirt: Vero Moda



Location courtesy: Lamington Road (The Nook)

Photography Courtesy: Khushi Hegde and Kavya Narayanan



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