Last-Minute Diwali Outfit Inspiration

Okay. So let’s begin with some honest confession. [Warning: a lot of blabbering about to happen] Off late -for no good reason whatsoever- I’ve felt quite demotivated. With almost everything. Be it work or personal life, with how I felt about myself, people around me or even about blogging for that matter. I’m guessing it... Continue Reading →


Colour Playin’

Colour blocking is something I was always too hesitant to try but it was time I kept all my inhibitions aside. Whether it’s sporting two different colours or simply pairing up a solid colour with prints, I always feared looking funny or even out of place.   Before we begin, I got this floral printed... Continue Reading →

Denim On My Mind | Turning 23

Should you or shouldn’t you double up on denim? I personally feel without any guilt that twice as much as denim is twice as good. Its comeback from the ‘80s has been so massive that it’s clearly here to stay for a huge amount of time. Read More....

6 Different Ways To Style Your Black Dress

Hello everyone, a huge thank you for sparing a short while and stopping by. So, everyone gets talking about the importance of having a black dress in one’s closet, but did you ever stop and wonder just how versatile and valuable it actually is? Read more...

Nautical Knocking

Are you despising the scorching heat this summer too? Well, hello then. Welcome to the club! It’s time we gave a nod to all things nautical to at least feel a bit cooler if not actually get rid of the summer waves. Read More..

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